Review: Sephora Collection Pomegranate Mask!

Hello friends!

I finally had the chance to try out one of the Sephora Collection paper masks. The one I used was the Pomegranate mask which is for anti-fatigue, energizing and it’s ideal for sensitive skin.

To use it: apply the mask on 15 minutes, remove it and massage in the excess product! You can rinse it off if you’d like.

 (pjs, movies, snapchat and a mask… my favorite way to relax)

This mask if fool proof, you unfold it and put it on your face! The mask was too large for my face.. but then again I’ve got a tiny face. Once I removed the paper the product didn’t feel sticky on the skin. My skin instantly felt hydrated and appeared radiant!

I give this mask two thumbs up. You cannot go wrong with the price point. The mask retails for $8 and there are 6 to choose from. There is a mask for least one of your concerns, maybe even all of them! Go to your local Sephora and purchase one for a 15 minute spa like moment. Trust me, you will not regret this.

– Savleen

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First Impression: ABH Tamanna Palette.

Anastasia is killing it this year. Now, she’s collaborating with some of the biggest artists on Instagram. I have been following Tamanna Roshan’s work since her YouTube days (4 years ago). There was no way I could convince myself out of buying this one. (student problems)


(picture taken with flash)

The palette includes 10 shadows that can be used dry or wet for an intense color pay off. There are 7 shimmer and 3 matte shadows. The retail price is $35 CAN on the Sephora website (umm.. STEAL. Hurry it’s limited edition) 

Also, there‘s a dual-ended brush and 5 ‘Get The Look’ cards included. I‘m not fond of the brush. The tutorials include step by step instruction and visuals!

Overall, I am impressed by this palette. The quality of the shadows are great especially for $35. When I get the chance to create looks with this palette, I will post a few looks up. Stay tuned for them on my Instagram page! (Link is on the home page)


  • The brush.
  • The three palettes released are similar.

I hope you all enjoyed my first.. first impression (haha!)  

xoxo, Savleen <3

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Review: S/C Contouring and Highlighting!

Hello Lovelies!

I am so pleased that Sephora Collection has FINALLY released a highlighting and contour stick.

The best part is that it comes in 4 shades. They released the following shades:

  • light
  • medium
  • tan
  • deep

I purchased the ‘medium’ and ‘deep’. This product retails for $25.00 CAN. They are a cream to powder finish. Also, another reason why I was so pleased with these is because they are matte.. usually brands release a contouring product that has a orange toned contour and a shimmery highlight (I absolutely despise that). These contour sticks blend very well and the contour is buildable.

This product is amazing for anyone who wants to learn how to contour and highlight or wants to get into cream contouring. I cannot emphasize how pleased I am with these shades. I recommend this to anyone, beginners and pros! For the price and quality you just cannot go wrong with this product. I will give these a 10/10 for price, shade range, quality and efficiency.

Good job Sephora Collection!

xoxo, Savleen

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DIY: Lip Scrub

Hello Beauties!

With the colder months approaching you may notice your lips becoming dry and chapped. I’ve been making my own lip scrub for a few years now and I’ve been loving it! It removes the dead skin gently as well as moisturize them. Keep in mind not to over exfoliate your lips.

You will need the following:

  • extra virgin olive oil
  • brown/white sugar
  • small container


  1. Put a TBSP of white sugar in your small container
  2. Mix in a dash of extra virgin olive oil
  3. Continue to mix until the olive oil makes the sugar stick together
  4. Scrub for about 15-20 seconds
  5. Leave the scrub on for about 30 seconds
  6. Remove with a damp cloth
  7. Lastly, apply a hydrating lip balm.

    I’ve got a couple of DIY beauty recipes I’d like to share with you all. Stay tuned by subscribing.



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Tried and Tested: Sephora Collection Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation

Hello lovely people!

I’ve been wanting to try this foundation for quite a while now. So, I caved in and bought it. It is an airbrush foundation with an ultra fine mist. The foundation is exclusive to Sephora.


  • Retail price is $35 CAN
  • 2.5 oz
  • 9 shades
  • Satin Finish
  • Buildable Coverage
  • Oil, Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates Free.

The suggested use according to the Website is:

  1. Shake well for five seconds before each use.
  2. Cover hair and clothes.
  3. Close eyes and hold can 10 inches away from face while pressing on nozzle and moving in circular motions.
  4. Blend with Sephora PRO Foundation Airbrush Brush #55.

For achieving a light coverage it says to spray directly on to Sephora Pro #55 and blend it in. For a fuller coverage, spray six to eight inches away from the face spraying in circular movements.

I tested out the method of spraying the product on the Sephora Pro #55 brush and then blending it in and it didn’t provide enough coverage for me. Although, spraying the product on to a brush is defeating the purpose of an airbrush foundation, it’s less messy. The next time I used the foundation I sprayed it on to the Sephora Collection #45 brush and blended it in. Man, did I ever get a full coverage since the brush is more dense.

Overall, The foundation is great! I would give this foundation an 8/10. Due to the fact that I didn’t like the finish without setting it with a powder and the color selection is still very minimal. If you’re a dry skin you don’t need to set it unless you want a matte finish. For my fellow combination to oily skins, set the foundation in your t-zone in order for it to last you 8+ hours. Throughout the day the foundation held up great. Since I do set the foundation with a translucent powder it stayed 11 hours without becoming blotchy.  (I have really long days)

Here’s a fun fact about Sephora Collection, it’s owned by Louis Vuitton. So yes, it is luxury and nothing less than any other brand Sephora carries.

I wore this foundation for my first set of Head shots.



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