Ice Queen/Snow Queen – Halloween Series

Hello Everyone!

This will be the last Halloween look I will create on myself other than clients. This was inspired by a few posts I saw on Instagram and the show ‘Once Upon A Time’. This is my take on it.


I began by applying a white cream paint mixed with a slight amount of my own foundation color and began applying it on my face as well as down my neck using a sponge. Right after, I set the base with a translucent powder using a powder puff. I used a blue shadow and angled blush brush to create a harsh contour. For the eyes, I used a combination of a few light blues, and darker blues and began applying them in my crease and outer v leaving the center without anything. Then I applied a silver glitter to my lid as well as a dramatic wing.

For the false lashes, I dipped my Stila brush into my Lit Cosmetics glitter adhesive, then into the glitter and began applying it onto the false lashes. I coated the lashes with glitter until I was happy with the outcome.

I used a blue shadow to shade in my brows and topped it with the same silver glitter I used on my lashes and the center of my lid. I bought the snow flake stickers from Michaels craft store and placed them where I wanted. You may also use lash glue as an adhesive if they are not sticking to your skin. I took a teal eyeliner and lined my lips. With a blue cream makeup I filled in the center of my lips. Unfortunately, the last step didn’t work out too well since I created the look so late in the day… I attempted to use the white hairspray and glitter hairspray on my hair to complete the look… That was a fail since my hair is black. For the headpiece I used a necklace I had sitting at home.

I hope you all have a wonderful and SAFE Halloween.




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Great Gatsby/1920’s Flapper – Halloween Series

Hello Lovelies!

This look is Great Gatsby/1920’s Flapper inspired. I was requested to create this look by my friend at Luna Beauty Lashes. The modern take on this look is absolutely beautiful.


I had purchased a headband from a local Halloween store but ended up finding this gorgeous embellished headband at home.


The hair really completed the look. I started sectioning my hair into small sections then with a 1″ curling wand I began curling the 1 inch sections towards the face. After about 2-3 seconds, I’d take the curler out and would take the hair and wrap it around my finger to set it with a pin curl clip or bobby pin. Do this to your entire head! Once everything has been curled and put into place with pins, spray all of your hair with a finishing spray. After about 10 minutes of letting your hair cool, you can start taking the pins out of the hair. Once the hair is down start gently brushing under the curls. Grabbing the bottom of the hair, start rolling up the hair to your desired length and pinning it to the back of your head using bobby pins. Lastly, put on your headband!




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Princess Jasmine – Halloween Series

Hello Everyone!

Here is my second look for the ‘Empress Studios Halloween Series’. I was inspired to create a Princess Jasmine look after I discovered that I had a turquoise ribbon and a package of acrylic jewels at home. Both items were purchased at Michael’s Art & Craft Store. To create the headpiece I cut the ribbon so that it would fit on my head. I used my hot glue gun and glued the ribbon together. Once that was dry, I added the jewel to the middle of the ribbon and that is all!


Here are the steps for the makeup look:

Eyes: Begin by applying eyeshadow primer all over the lid. Apply a matte brown or matte bronzer to your crease to deepen it. Then take a turquoise/teal eyeshadow and apply that over the lid. Take a navy blue shadow and apply it to your crease. Now, take a black shadow and apply it to your outer v area. Now take either a gold/silver shimmery shadow and apply it to the inner corner of your eye and your brow bone. Apply a winged liner to both the top and bottom lash. Smudge your bottom liner with the same navy blue you used in your crease earlier. Once you are done that apply mascara to both the top and bottom lashes. Finish the eyes by applying false lashes.

Complexion: Apply your primer, foundation, concealer and translucent powder. Now, begin contouring your nose, you want to make it appear long and slim. Contour your cheekbones as well. Now take a bright blush and apply it above your contour. Finish the complexion by adding a golden highlight.

Lips: Line your lips with a light pink lip pencil and apply a lipstick that is neutral. I used Brave by Mac.

Hair: I added extensions to add length to my hair. Part your hair in the center. Now, begin teasing your hair. Using a 2″ curling wand, curl the front of your hair and set them by clipping them up. Once you have curled and set the front section of your hair spray it lightly with a hairspray. Once the curls have cooled, take them out and start bobby pinning them to the back. Now to create the pony tail, use an elastic band and start sectioning the hair to look like Jasmine’s. Luckily, I just had some teal and green hair bands so I used those.



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Pop Art Makeup – Halloween Series

Hello everyone!

It is the first day of October which means the countdown to Halloween has begun. I will be creating a series of looks for you this year that will range from simple to a little more complex. Also, I will be adding a few props to the looks this year that will all be under $10/CAN. I have added step by step instructions on how to create this look below the picture.










For the first look I created is a ‘Pop Art Makeup’ look! This was super easy to create. Always remember to prep your skin with skin care and your primer. Here is what I did to achieve this look: Using a liquid foundation a few shades lighter than my natural skin tone I applied it all over my face, ears and neck and then set that with a translucent powder. With a black gel liner draw on the brows! I made sure they were thick and filled with emotion (make yourself look sad). Then, using a black kohl liner I outlined my face. Be very precise; take your time while you outline. This look is literally all lines and dots. For my eyes I used matte brown shadows in the crease and then began applying a thick winged liner and false lashes. For the bottom lashes I went with a white eyeliner pencil and put that in my water line and a little below my bottom lash line. Then I just drew another black line below the white pencil and winged it out. That made my eyes appears bigger. For the teardrop, I outlined it with black gel liner and filled it in with blue cream makeup. For the lips I outlined them with a black kohl pencil, fill it in with a matte red lipstick… Then taking my kohl pencil again I added a bit to the center to make them appear as if they are separated. To complete the lips I added white cream makeup to parts of my lips, which creates a fake shine. Lastly, you need a colored wig it completes the look.

– Savleen

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Fall Makeup Look!

Hello Everyone!

I am so glad that fall is finally here, it is my favorite season! Here is a look I created for the first day of fall! I have listed the products I used to achieve this look below. Hopefully, this can inspire you to create a ‘fall vampy lip’ look of your own.


Laura Mercier Silk Creme Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation

Laura Mercier Full Coverage Concealer

Sephora Collection Baked Powder

Too Faced Matte Bronzer

Nars Blush in Amour

Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop Highlighter


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder in ‘Dark Brown’


Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette

House of Lashes ‘Femme Fatale’ Lashes


OCC Cosmetics ‘Black Dahlia’ Lip Liner

Bite Beauty ‘Tannin’ Lipstick



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