Ice Queen/Snow Queen – Halloween Series

Hello Everyone!

This will be the last Halloween look I will create on myself other than clients. This was inspired by a few posts I saw on Instagram and the show ‘Once Upon A Time’. This is my take on it.


I began by applying a white cream paint mixed with a slight amount of my own foundation color and began applying it on my face as well as down my neck using a sponge. Right after, I set the base with a translucent powder using a powder puff. I used a blue shadow and angled blush brush to create a harsh contour. For the eyes, I used a combination of a few light blues, and darker blues and began applying them in my crease and outer v leaving the center without anything. Then I applied a silver glitter to my lid as well as a dramatic wing.

For the false lashes, I dipped my Stila brush into my Lit Cosmetics glitter adhesive, then into the glitter and began applying it onto the false lashes. I coated the lashes with glitter until I was happy with the outcome.

I used a blue shadow to shade in my brows and topped it with the same silver glitter I used on my lashes and the center of my lid. I bought the snow flake stickers from Michaels craft store and placed them where I wanted. You may also use lash glue as an adhesive if they are not sticking to your skin. I took a teal eyeliner and lined my lips. With a blue cream makeup I filled in the center of my lips. Unfortunately, the last step didn’t work out too well since I created the look so late in the day… I attempted to use the white hairspray and glitter hairspray on my hair to complete the look… That was a fail since my hair is black. For the headpiece I used a necklace I had sitting at home.

I hope you all have a wonderful and SAFE Halloween.




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