Pop Art Makeup – Halloween Series

Hello everyone!

It is the first day of October which means the countdown to Halloween has begun. I will be creating a series of looks for you this year that will range from simple to a little more complex. Also, I will be adding a few props to the looks this year that will all be under $10/CAN. I have added step by step instructions on how to create this look below the picture.










For the first look I created is a ‘Pop Art Makeup’ look! This was super easy to create. Always remember to prep your skin with skin care and your primer. Here is what I did to achieve this look: Using a liquid foundation a few shades lighter than my natural skin tone I applied it all over my face, ears and neck and then set that with a translucent powder. With a black gel liner draw on the brows! I made sure they were thick and filled with emotion (make yourself look sad). Then, using a black kohl liner I outlined my face. Be very precise; take your time while you outline. This look is literally all lines and dots. For my eyes I used matte brown shadows in the crease and then began applying a thick winged liner and false lashes. For the bottom lashes I went with a white eyeliner pencil and put that in my water line and a little below my bottom lash line. Then I just drew another black line below the white pencil and winged it out. That made my eyes appears bigger. For the teardrop, I outlined it with black gel liner and filled it in with blue cream makeup. For the lips I outlined them with a black kohl pencil, fill it in with a matte red lipstick… Then taking my kohl pencil again I added a bit to the center to make them appear as if they are separated. To complete the lips I added white cream makeup to parts of my lips, which creates a fake shine. Lastly, you need a colored wig it completes the look.

– Savleen

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